WeChat marketing case fans single day surge of 60 thousand secret

powder 57805 day peak, single day peak of 173734 interactive operation, floraland park official WeChat fans a month to 6 digits in the southwest, the circle is a good report card. Behind the huge data is that we have not completely clear on all issues, just around the direction of looking forward to the clear business objective to toil in. It is not always true to share the thoughts and experiences of some processes for your reference.

1. What is your business purpose,


"we want to be WeChat,"

"why do you want to do that?"

"now everyone doesn’t play with micro-blog and run to play WeChat,"

"what does your business need most?"

"Er, reputation and reputation."."

"Oh, WeChat is too strong for privacy, lack of communication, and can’t do word of mouth. You still go to micro-blog."."

usually encounter too many customers interested in WeChat, can not wait in a daoteng. But the big premise is that you have to think about what your business is and what you want to solve. If your business purpose is simply WeChat can not solve, and toss the more fierce, are 0. In our view, using WeChat for customer service and two sales is the most appropriate direction.

two, the current WeChat marketing stage: circle of users

do you know what WeChat marketing is supposed to do? I believe 99.99% of the answers are negative. Sometimes we are not entirely sure what is the most effective, but there is no doubt: no matter how to do, no user, all is empty talk. Sporadic several fans, but also specialized in operations and technical development, I believe there will not be how many enterprises willing to do.

at the same time, WeChat will certainly like micro-blog, the more late to do, the more difficult the user, after all, users concerned about the number of enterprises micro-blog / WeChat is capped. According to Sina data, an average user will pay attention to 8 enterprises micro-blog, WeChat this value is certainly lower, and much lower. The user will surely become more and more difficult in the future. At this stage, business owners who have been able to circle users are already winners.

three, ring users in two ways: own users and micro-blog users

WeChat’s starting point compared to micro-blog is much higher, and one of its performance is to obtain the difficulty of users, compared to micro-blog is obviously difficult, many small businesses are difficult to solve the user’s problems. There are two main ways of getting users:

1, transforming its own user

itself has some brand and customer group companies have a natural advantage, for them, as long as reasonable use of its stores, POP, DM and other resources can be realized will have users into WeChat. For example, Liu Bang Bang chicken, is the use of its nearly 200 stores.

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