nformed traders survival webmaster from today on the news.

          "informed traders survive", in the current era of information, news and information power can not be ignored. For the webmaster, the cultivation of news awareness is also very important. Here said the webmaster is not only the news site webmaster, also includes all other types of Web site webmaster.

Adsense pays attention to the news:

1, always pay attention to the industry news, you can let the webmaster first grasp the pulse of the industry, for the development direction of the website to provide reference. Any industry is constantly changing, just work hard and not pay attention to changes in the current webmaster can’t make their sites in the industry full of vitality;

2, due to the timeliness of news, the content of news derived websites is also fresh. Stationmaster pays close attention to after news, do "article" according to news, organize relevant topic or publish relevant comment, can increase search engine to the collection of website article.

3, news information can provide the webmaster with the latest web content materials, so that you can ensure that the site always flow fresh blood, increase the user’s interest in reading the site. For example,, a modern Chinese website, pays close attention to the information about modern Chinese every day. The opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics on the word "and" let the amazing world of modern Chinese Chinese Chinese characters, it has posted a word and flies the Millennium "commentary on the night of the first time. A timely and lively article like this can naturally attract interesting users’ attention to the website every day.

4, stationmaster pays close attention to industry news often, can expand stationmaster to do station mentality. Webmaster accumulated a certain amount of news, you can have a more comprehensive and in-depth grasp of their own industry, the natural content of the site construction skills. A lot of times, some news can inadvertently to the webmaster to do stand inspiration, so that the structure of the site constantly perfect.

webmaster’s focus on news:

1, take full advantage of Baidu news search. This is the simplest and most direct method of news attention. Enter your own web site theme keyword, depending on the situation, choose to search in full text or title. If you search your keyword by full text, and the results are not related to your website theme, choose to search by title. About keyword choice, not only can search website keyword, webmaster can also consider using the specific content of the web site as keywords. For example, the modern Chinese website mentioned above can not only search for "Chinese" and "modern Chinese", but also pay close attention to "phonetics", "text", "vocabulary", "grammar" and "rhetoric". Of course, you can also subscribe to relevant news or personalize news.

2, you might as well buy a newspaper every day. Daily newspapers are a way for webmasters, especially local webmasters, to pay attention to the news. >

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