Classified information websites can be divided into several categories

is currently fighting for limited eyeballs between websites, and for Internet users, unlimited information is available with limited eyeballs. The comprehensiveness, efficiency, extensibility and participation of network information are the main factors for Internet users to browse.

construction of a modern classification information website, we must first understand the relevant data: in daily life, Internet users get all kinds of information selection rate was 74.5%; 55.9% of Internet users choose leisure entertainment; 44.1% of Internet users in order to free resources. In general, the most commonly used functions are e-mail and news reading. Some people call the network fourth media, there is reason. A large number of ICP websites provide a large number of information sources for those who have "time". The information provided by the network has been recognized by many Internet users for its instant updates, rich content and strong interactivity. Therefore, the development of classified information websites has broad space.

current classification information sites can be divided into several categories:

1, the portal’s classified channel;

China station. Long. Stand

Tianjin secondary web site (,

2, a nationwide classified information website;

3, regional classified information websites.

overall, 2007 will be the expansion of classified information website of more intense competition in the financial strength in several, full competition will make the market more mature, more and more enterprises and individuals to understand and learn to use the network information classification. The classification of information website categories will rely on large and complete metropolis zoned category specific small Dingli; customer classification information website will rely on the resources of national unification. Classified information sites across the country, mostly received a variety of investment, specializes in network technology, the successful experience of foreign countries have a certain understanding, modeled on the successful business model abroad have been established, is the mainstream Chinese online classified advertising at present. Its advantages focus on the network classification market, rich enthusiasm and motivation of innovation, with good ideals, high efficiency, close to market changes.

addition, some websites have established public status in more than a year, there are 58 city, for having heard it many times: reputation network, network, platform, search souke stall, mutual aid network, Kijiji etc..

from the end of 2004, the beginning of 2005, classified information website such as Chinese like bamboo shoots after a spring rain emerged, according to the relevant agencies and professional personnel statistics, the domestic large and small classified information website has reached more than 3000, and has a certain scale, the influence of the amount of information and classification information website also has hundreds of recently; 58 city sites have a small wind news fired with international group raise a Babel of criticism of the background, EBAY Kijiji all kinds of offline activities is prosperously >

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