New trends like non mainstream sites

is now more and more people love to do non mainstream sites, the reason is that with TX (Tencent) the huge user base, Baidu search volume every non mainstream search volume is about 11W, QQ space is about 9W, and the TX’s official website and not on the first page, so easy to get traffic.

, but have you found that TX users are almost saturated? People who know how to use the Internet know QQ, and people who know QQ know the space. Non mainstream site traffic can be said to be from the TX users, say a bad word, that is, we are relying on them to survive, and the more people they have, the more traffic we have. If TX users are saturated, then your traffic is almost saturated. If you want to continue to do such a station, you must find another similar and QQ space backer, this backer is the campus network. We can go to to see the 4 keyword concerns, xiaonei=13W+ campus =10W+, campus network, =11W+, school code, =1000+. From these words we can see a very high degree of concern, but we still do not know what is now the campus network is not widely known that, like many small city do not know, a school code station, they promote better, people flow more engaging, not like QQ then let others grab the opportunity, when they find it is already too late.

and campus network with words QQ space is more than his potential, so now you want to open the new QQ space station Comrades, suggest that you try the school network, now the competition is not large, we have a chance.

, this is my first time to write an article. I don’t know how to write it…. Hope to inspire everyone.

I, and by the way find a master, I am the standard 90, QQ416122546

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