Proficient in calligraphy website why not a hundred responses to a single call


whether it is entrepreneurship or building websites, the opinions of our predecessors have been developed with interest as the theme, and the development is most rapid. This view is of course no doubt, there are many owners really choose their biggest hobby in the choice of development direction, but love is not equal to the master, like a lot of friends love photography, the final pictures is a shame, love calligraphy friends, write out the word but not the other people agree. Then, as a master who is not proficient in calligraphy, how to lead a group of calligraphy lovers to be active on their websites?.

trains his own core team,

of course, this does not allow you to set up an entrepreneurial team and work together. This core team is an objective team. No matter which industry, we can find some excellent talents on the Internet and communicate with each other. To develop the website, the first should be to win over these people, generally speaking, through professional forums, post bar, micro-blog and so on to find, can find these people for direct communication. Communicate with these people in their own heart, is the webmaster identity, one can make the development of many calligraphy lovers on the grounds, to believe that the same hobby premise, the other is to refuse.

hero Xiangxi, Huashan mountain". Do not think that the "hero" as friends, and we all know, if your own level with each other is not a level, and that sometimes the conversation will make you farther and farther away. In order to improve the personnel activity, you must put them together, you can go through a group of these talents together, they are at a high level, so the discussion is very professional but also very interested in other people’s strengths.

patient, guide users to create content

as a leading interest website, if you rely solely on the owners to publish content, the website is difficult to expand, and one for the content will be exhausted, and in order to update and update, will become the release of some things and not flashy without substance development and the development of the website. Therefore, the content should be dug from the user as much as possible rather than go for it.

how to dig the user content? Believe that QQ, micro-blog, space and so on will add a lot of calligraphy lovers, so these works in the new update platform through the usual users, can be recommended to the website of method. You can also find the core team of people released some outstanding works for everyone to learn. In addition, it is a good choice to have a match under the permission of the fund. In fact, as the calligraphy website, held activities also can not rely on money, focus on public welfare activities, inviting people to public office, and authorized the words allowed for other purposes such as the public interest, to allow others to use the printing printed posters, banners and other public pictures on website. This will not only stimulate the user’s participation in the heart, but also greatly enhance the shape of the site

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