Taobao zern off contest broadcast Wang Jingxian double lead game startling step by step

by CEEN zern hosted the "world famous Taobao shoes zern guest" promotion competition [the second season] in every festival gift "under the new format at the end of last week’s Thanksgiving Day period, the three players get Festival bonuses are big events last season. From the beginning of this week, we will aim at Christmas Wars (in 11.24 to 12.24 cumulative promotion), the top three can get 300 yuan holiday gift


started only two weeks ago, Taobao League, VIP media and Yu Qingping 2, the two previous season’s top three players, with an overwhelming advantage to lead the overall standings. Perhaps the season came third to stimulate the morale, Yu Qingping 2 in this quarter than last season apparent stability of many, this week to 49 pen won the Zhou Guanjun, with 4662 yuan total Commission, and won the highest single day turnover of 14 pens, a total score of 100 pen to pursue Taobao alliance VIP media.

Taobao alliance VIP media performance slightly slipped this week, scored 39 pen, ranking second weeks, the last week of the blessing of the overall score is still 5 Yu Qingping than more than 2. But the pressure is obvious, and with the current momentum, the battle between the kings of the Christmas wars will be none of these two,

on the other hand, last week has been broadcast so that we feel the real new forces momentum. Let you shine at the moment the new startling step by step in this week, Yuezhanyueyong, mad 21 pen has become a new force in a wonderful work, the total score of 34 pen is to overtake Apple dollars 88 A, jumped to third! Rise speed comparable across! It seems the TV "startling step by step" boom just back, zern arena "startling step by step" just put on

!The Yangtze River is

bring forth the new through the old, so what end? After wave and whether next week

flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum? The outcome!

[hot shoes]

Zhou Ceen’s "Viking" high help series and "Pamir" business casual series is still the main transaction at the same time, twelve year-end promote – the Berserk activities begin, as well as corresponding policy introduced the "ultimate berserk shoes", to the friends please pay more attention to


[week of new award winner (11.24-12.3)], you can get 50 yuan reward!


please contact QQ1597389813 award winners to communication matters (results published within 14 days after the no contact is invalid)

[Mr. policy] has something to say,

(again to Mr. policy review week link, according to hear the old strategy today to say the art of war, applause, please!)

zern through after several months of Taobao customer competition, brand effect has been greatly improved, before I also said, do favor for Taobao customers as early as possible, the Taobao zern guest inside will appear matthew. Now several main keywords > zern

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