Webmaster experience propaganda website to find the right idea

Hello, I am the webmaster website webmaster, my station is to provide the latest comprehensive IT Internet dynamics, webmaster information, website promotion technology and other website construction related resources.

everyone knows that building a site is easy, but publicity is not an easy job. What about me? Working in a company and going to work without Internet access. Only work on the Internet at home, work and rest day management website, so get up very hard! But I have a few exclusive cheats teach you to promote your site, publicity of other webmasters I will not say, here is my wise remark of an experienced person:

1, every day to write a few good article to webmaster network and station, and then to each big BBS post publicity, such as: QQ, TOM, SOHU, SINA, Yahoo, 163, 21cn, Baidu, Post Bar CILU, Tianya, Baidu know, although the propaganda posts, but also people not much, sum up the reason:

QQ Forum: the forum is now seems the biggest advantage is that I have never been closed account, post has not been deleted, the problem is to limit the number of post once reached cannot post, had to re apply for a QQ number, but QQ, it is very difficult to apply, too many general tips, so now rarely used, every day can bring about the flow of 2IP~20IP.

, TOM and SOHU Forums: when the two forums apply, you need to fill in the verification code, send the owner considerate ad, will soon be deleted ID, but you can reply ad. Never been deleted, it is convenient to apply for an account again. TOM and SOHU bring 4ip~10IP every day, popularity is not good, even if 1 months after the launch may not click.

outdated forums, webmaster forums and webmaster forums. These three forums are not bad. They should be more careful about the topic. Don’t be seen by the moderators. Bring 100ip~300IP every day.

Baidu Post Bar: this place is good. Do not apply, also post ~ but pay attention to the place. For example, if you send a beauty post and run into literature or something, you’ll lose IP. Look for the appropriate place, in reply to less posts inside thread. Advertising words should not be too severe once they are discovered as advertisements. Instantly, all the posts you send are gone. Bring 50~500IP each time.

Baidu knows: it’s the best place right now. Registration is convenient, easy to post, and the flow of its high, only found that will seal ID, not sealed IP. So you can always send, and advertising generally retained for a long time, enough people see, each brings IP, 100~1000 ranging.

I stand every day, traffic has reached 6000, this allows you to not believe, you can go to try. The drawback is doing boring, traffic is also large. Everybody stationmaster oneself see do is,


2, open a community, this is "keep Chang"

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