Forum blog resources to build websites super Alexa, Chinarank ranking

the development of the Internet, more and more webmasters are more concerned about their own web site Alexa, world rankings and Chinarank rankings. Especially for those large portals and industry website, on the one hand, is to defend your honor, on the other hand, there is a good website ranking, what emboldened, looking for partners to find customers. Because in their eyes, perhaps the site ranking is the quality of the site, site traffic to. In fact, little imagine, Alexa ranking and Chinarank ranking is very unreal, can cheat.

below, I through my own experience to share how to use blog forum resources, quickly improve the site’s Alexa ranking and Chinarank ranking. As we all know, both Alexa ranking and Chinarank ranking are mainly related to the two factors, such as the number of respondents, the corresponding toolbar, the number of users and PV. Two years ago, the Internet appears above a large number of special hot brush Alexa alliance of fries, they are surveyed by improving the Alexa Toolbar users to quickly improve website ranking, I also used, this time I have to continue working in this way. I am now working in a fashion design media information company, the company’s website is not bad: source butterfly news network. The following are three sub domains: clothing design, package design and channel channel shoes clothing news channel, add up to three channels, IP every day at around 15000, is also good, before I go to work, the company website Alexa ranking and Chinarank ranking is also good, Alexa ranking in 20W Chinarank rankings at about 2W, before I heard no special attention, but because the company launched a new brand promotion advertising service, when customers do the market, ranking especially critical to Alexa ranking and Chinarank Oh, I believe we should be very easy to understand, think the quality, Alexa website ranking and Chinarank ranking is the embodiment of the website many people are blind to traffic. Soon, this task reached me, target Alexa, ranked 10W, Chinarank ranked 5K.

                Alexa and Chinarank due to prior to the ranking of a certain understanding, very confident to participate in the brush Alexa alliance, the result is not satisfactory, a week down ranking did not change. A careful analysis of the only know, there are countermeasures, there are countermeasures, Alexa official website of the Alexa ranking algorithm has a more perfect algorithm. Take the brush before the Alexa Union, now ranked in the hundreds of the name of the site may have little effect, but the ranking within the 30W website, the basic ranking a little help, and even may be determined by the ranking of cheating.

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