Shenyang venture capital development fund was formally established

in the expansion of entrepreneurship, around the country have taken different measures to help guide. Shenyang has created a new venture fund, in order to provide funding for the development of entrepreneurship in 2016 to help guide more social capital into.

1 29, Shenyang venture capital development fund was formally established. Mayor Pan Liguo attended the launching ceremony of the fund, and the fund managers, the formation of the parties and the young entrepreneurs on behalf of the forum, focusing on the provision of financial services for entrepreneurial projects, creating entrepreneurial innovation environment and other issues of communication. Pan Li hope that the community to actively create a good environment to fully support entrepreneurship employment. We must have the courage to explore, bold innovation, he also encouraged the majority of entrepreneurs, the revitalization and development of the stage in Shenyang to play more as, to become entrepreneurial pioneer era.

through careful planning and negotiations, at present, the first batch of 4 Zhizi fund has been implemented, a period of 14 million to 3.1 times the government guidance funds, leveraging social capital to enter, has formed a Shenyang employment development fund total size of 58 million yuan. There are 113 projects expressed the willingness to apply for the city’s entrepreneurial employment development fund, involving 11 industries, covering the city’s 11 districts and counties. More than 90% of them are start-up projects. The core team of 113 projects a total of 2639 people, with an average age of 31 years.

The establishment of

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