Xining Eastern entrepreneurship contest registration deadline

entrepreneurial competition in an endless stream, eager to young people to build a platform for communication and presentation. Xining will host the youth entrepreneurship contest for the western development strategy in Qinghai province to look for the development of entrepreneurial projects.

[creative projects gathered] according to statistics, more than and 120 entries projects involving new energy, electronic commerce, product characteristics, creative development, creative development for tourism products and other industries, including the "tall" project. One of the participants in the establishment of the province is a pioneer in Qinghai, he would like to participate in the contest to see whether in his hometown of Qinghai to support a business blue sky.

[process] reportedly hit off the contest, 2015 East Huidong hit off the contest registration and audit work will end on November 15th; a team of experts interviewed for project work will start simultaneously to   the end of the beginning of December. Through interviews, experts will conduct a feasibility analysis of entrepreneurs team comparison and comments, based on a more scientific evaluation of the prospects of the project, through the survival of the fittest to elect a number of entries into the final part. Hit off the contest finals will be held in mid December, the end of December awards ceremony and Exhibition contest.

[] hit off the speech of Leaf Culture Development Co. Ltd. is committed to the promotion of Qinghai Hehuang flower, create and promote plateau minority works, their entrepreneurial team competed in a friend’s encouragement. "Colonel" said: "last year, the first university student entrepreneurship contest is the first one of my friends, he participated in the game after harvest, not only settled in the incubation base, but also started the visibility of the enterprise…… This year to see the news of the second tournament started, he did not hesitate, the first time on the phone, strongly recommend me to participate in the game."

[important] East Huidong contest hit off contest, to further promote entrepreneurship, stimulate entrepreneurial enthusiasm, cultivating entrepreneurial culture, establish a number of typical entrepreneurs, leading more students to join our business team to support entrepreneurship; found the cultivation of innovative talents, find and recommend the most potential for development of small and medium sized enterprises and entrepreneurial team.

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