Whimsy Zhejiang Entrepreneurship Competition finals ended successfully

in this era of fierce competition, want to stand out from peers, you need to open up ideas to new ideas. Recently, entrepreneurship contest held in Zhejiang Province, all kinds of bizarre collision sparks flew here.

you want to wear a helmet can go where you want to go? Do you want to print what you need at any time? In January 10th, the province held the "Zhejiang whimsy" entrepreneurship contest finals, let these have not become possible.

"more and more people now enjoy sports and running, the machine can be networked interactive, can build the sharing community movement." Pan Zhongjian said that users can also learn how to run correctly on the treadmill.

How much is this machine

", where the advantages compared with now the treadmill on the market?" Site judges are more concerned about whether the project landing. 999 yuan, compared with the market price of several thousand dollars treadmill, or a lot cheaper." Pan Zhongjian’s answer was confirmed by the judges.

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