Let entrepreneurs in rural areas more emboldened Shaoxing to carry out training courses

farmers entrepreneurship has in this society now be not at all surprising, at the same time, in many places also actively encourage farmers friends business, in some places for aquaculture to farmers who conducted a series of training.

with typical examples of popularity and media coverage of science and technology in the countryside to build up the family fortunes, young rural urgent requirement of science and technology, scientific growing enthusiasm, after graduating from college in the city encountered difficult employment but also to some of the children in rural areas to return home entrepreneurship. The agricultural technology school targeted to return to the rural entrepreneurs to return to the classroom to learn advanced knowledge of agriculture, increase the entrepreneurial entrepreneurial confidence". Can make some no related experience, the new farmers have misgivings about the entrepreneurial mind on training class to hard skills, also can make previously in the rural areas who update the old way of thinking as soon as possible, to break the agricultural extensive management situation.

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if around the agricultural school and agricultural departments can hold all kinds of kinds of farming technology training for rural entrepreneurs to seize the opportune moment, continue to accept new things, learn new skills, then another batch of farmers "emboldened" there, in the rural areas of entrepreneurship is more full of confidence.


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