What are the requirements for opening a Deli

is not to say that you want to open a deli, you can open, what kind of address are met, what kind of environment can be run, these have certain requirements, only satisfy these conditions, can only open a deli real.

wants to manage the delicatessen, you must first do the basic service measures:

1, a deli from the cesspool, cesspool, exposed garbage field (station), toilets and other sources of more than 25 meters, and set the coverage of the pollution sources of dust, harmful gases, radioactive substances and other diffusion; not captive and slaughter of poultry;

2, with a fixed place Deli selling; flies and dust facilities necessary; cooked food production areas ground, operation table, wall should be laying impermeable materials, dado height of 1.5 meters or more;

3, food processing facilities should be set partition function of rough machining, cutting, cooking, rough places at least 2 stroke, only cleaning the pool, equipped with necessary facilities and tools, refrigerated container cleaning and disinfection facilities, the internal layout should be reasonable, raw and cooked together, to prevent cross contamination;

4, food selling area and life area must be separated, should have the raw materials, fuel dumps and special places, operating area is relatively isolated; food store ground away from the wall, there is a trap, cage etc. prevention facilities;

5, the entrance should be cooked between hand washing, disinfection, locker facilities, cooked rooms should be equipped with ultraviolet lamp, air conditioning and cooling air disinfection facilities; should be cooked product and sales tools to prevent the veil, open cooked outdoors, cooked food packaging materials should meet food safety requirements.

we of the franchisee equipment also put forward corresponding requirements:

1, cooked food cabinet must be disinfected, no dirt, keep clean; 2.

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