What makes you a money


2012 has arrived, but still there are a lot of people in the hesitation, what is the most worth thinking about a way of earning money? How can the "money" way immeasurable?


side example: two years ago there was a single white-collar workers asked me, she has a balance of twenty thousand yuan, the investment of what. I knew she was asking me what to invest in. But my advice to her is to invest in yourself! Marry a rich man. And introduced her to the modern lady devil training camp training for a year, the cost is just twenty thousand.

second strokes: the book of gold mining method this method for claiming to have no time to read the wonders as the name suggests, this method for the book house of gold that is named around examples: the book too many examples of gold, the "knowledge economy" needless to say. One of the most successful people I know has a deep understanding of the philosophy of wealth". That reading is the most easy to control and the realization of a long, is also the lowest cost means of making money.

reading is can be performed whenever and wherever possible. The accumulation of knowledge can greatly improve people’s ability to judge and efficiency, judgment can win time for action, and time is money".

Business principle:

around early 90s example enterprise financing rules change, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock market appears to make a large number of millionaires; (my philosophy teacher caught a major change, this wave of the end of the 90s human communication network the achievement of a large number of millionaires; (my little brother Ding Lei to catch the wave at the beginning of this century since the welfare housing rules change, the price storm "

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