What to do their own business to make money

now, there are a lot of entrepreneurial ideas, a lot of people want to start their own business, but there is no suitable project, everything can only stay in the fantasy, then their own business in the end what is the best thing to do? Let us follow the whole network Xiaobian a look together.


by "fried cake" fried pies, sold without a professional store, covers an area of 2 square meters of the stalls can be. Their own what to do? Main raw materials: flour, glutinous rice flour, corn, sweet potato, pumpkin, potato, green beans, peanuts and other agricultural products. The main tool: fried cake, stove (or gas stove), Shantou pot, pots, barrels, in addition to rent, the general investment 1000 yuan to.

economic benefitsThe cake made of

business strategy

1, in the market stalls, railway stations, schools and other places, and many people work in factory. Residential area is also a good place, such as sales, sales of mobile phone service.

2, fried bread food mainly for breakfast sales, such as the two business also can be a special die "sugar pie baked scones, scones, other meat stuffing" Tim a lot of business equipment can be fried "Chuanchuan Xiang" at 6~10 point is not needed, so as to increase the income of many.

3, the fried cake according to local sources of raw materials, price, product sales, 2 – 3 kinds of raw materials and flexible Zhazhi formula improvement, increase varieties, processing and local breakfast shop the same product, in order to expand sales, increase market share;

4, making food >

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