Nanjing city commercial bank is more focused than the big banks, more professional than small banks

with the continuous development of the market, private banks have sprung up. So what are the competitive advantages of private banks in Nanjing?

City firm private banks should create a competitive advantage, the Bank of Nanjing (601009, stock it) private banking business strategy differentiation is reflected in the ‘greater focus than the big banks, more professional than small banks’." Chen Xiaohui, general manager of Nanjing bank’s personal business unit, told reporters that they have a different direction for the development of private banking.

compared to the state-owned big line, the shares of the line, the city of private banking business started late. The Bank of Nanjing’s private banking department is a baby in its infancy, with the Bank of Nanjing following the Bank of Beijing (601169, stock it) and the Bank of Shanghai’s private banking business.

in August last year, the Bank of Nanjing personal business unit since the establishment of the private banking department, customer groups in the rapid gathering. Up to now, the Bank of Nanjing wealth and private banking customers nearly 9000, nearly $45 billion in assets management. 2015 annual net increase of 2553 customers, an increase of 55% in the first quarter of this year, an increase of up to 30%.

looking for "blue ocean"

Bank of Nanjing, the private banking department, is currently set to two divisions under the personal business unit, is still in the stage of infrastructure. At present, the domestic private line business pattern, large state-owned bank shares have obvious advantages in brand, market influence, network coverage, customer base, comprehensive service ability, etc..

Chen Xiaohui admitted that the Bank of Nanjing, the private banking business started late. 2007-2015 is the initial stage of the domestic private banks, and now faced with greater pressure of competition in the industry, hoping to seize the opportunity for the development of private banks in transition period, the establishment of competitive advantage.

he said that city commercial banks do not have enough capacity and large state-owned bank shares to private banking competition ultra high net worth clients, therefore, the Bank of Nanjing sinking customers through the channels for customers of the differences, and then provide differentiated services.

, for example, the state owned super high net worth clients threshold of 50 million to more than 100 million, the Bank of Nanjing to reduce the threshold to $30 million, to provide customized services for these customers.

in the large retail system, the distinction between ultra high net worth clients (management asset size 30 million), wealth and private banking customers (3 million asset management scale of 30 million), retail based customers (asset management scale


for wealth and private banking customers, branches of private banking and

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