Pen type mouse a little more entrepreneurial characteristics

mouse such a computer appendages, a lot of people are very familiar with, but the general form of the products are almost the same, not to talk about what features, but also more practical, but you have seen a pen mouse? Here and take a look at the characteristics of this product features.

Product features

1, with 1000DPI pure optical resolution, accurate and sensitive. 2, easy to operate. Adults and children, left and right hand can easily use. 3, with 2 separate buttons, and simulate the roller function, without the use of a roller can only move the mouse scroll page.

4, through the USB socket and the computer connection, plug with both, no driver. 5, the use of patented optical technology, the product can be easily operated on soft or uneven surface. 6, the design of the pen and the flexible rubber grip. 7, light weight, body weight only 39 grams.

Analysis of

pen type mouse for computer IT industry professionals and ordinary people. The utility model has the advantages of convenient and practical use and convenient carrying, and can provide convenience for the operators who use the computer and the workers who travel for a long time. The product is able to break through the limitations of the traditional mouse needs flat desktop can operate, and avoid the use of traditional mouse brings hidden physical injury. The products in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other major cities have just started selling. With the popularity of computers, the product market prospects are very promising.

pen type mouse distribution conditions and benefit estimation:

to the municipal distributor as an example, the first purchase 100 pen type mouse, because there are two types of investment amounted to 10 thousand yuan or 40 thousand yuan. Wired pen type mouse for the price of 100 yuan / only, wireless pen type mouse purchase price of $390 / only. The proposed market retail price of pen type mouse is 200 yuan / only, wireless pen mouse is $600 / only, profit margin of 35% – 50%. (for regional differences, the above data is for reference only)

pen type mouse distribution proposal:

1, pen mouse can be sold around the digital city, computer supplies stores, etc.. Suitable for the sale of computer products investors distribution. 2, promotional products, the product can be compared with the traditional mouse products to promote publicity, highlighting the advantages of the product features.

believe a feature such opportunities, there are many places have not yet, and you see this article, will let you have a very good characteristic of good project, choose a pen type mouse for investment, the future of the IT market will be a part of you.

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