Experimental bamboo shoots stolen graduates who are suffering!

shoots delicious let it become a delicious dishes on the table, the economic benefits have also attracted so many people grow, but some people choose to steal, there may be bad college graduates, the bamboo shoots stolen dig, how to finish the homework?


has been dug

to complete the graduation thesis

there is a large bamboo in the nalinda biotechnology building, the reporter learned that this piece of bamboo is not only ornamental, or Bamboo Research Institute of science students’ baby". "There seems to be a lot of bamboo from the beginning of the school, every year in March and April to grow bamboo shoots are not used to eat, they are our important experimental samples."

"I is the study of bamboo cultivation and bamboo shoots to grow up from the whole bamboo, the growth regularity of the various aspects of bamboo shoots and other data, we all need to record." A graduate student in the Institute of Botany, told reporters, but the day before yesterday, I just recorded a sample of ten or twenty days of data was actually poached bamboo shoots, the work in front of a waste. But the night before the bamboo shoots are stolen, we are still bamboo from nine o’clock squat to dawn, the results of the second day early in the morning, or stolen."

The study of

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