Baked cake off 100 quality of life – a good choice to join

delicious cakes, in our hearts, has been very, very with market development space. Bake off the advent of 100 cakes, is undoubtedly a franchisee to join the pro bake cake cake project determination of 100. High quality projects, worry free business, you are still hesitant what?

cake is a favorite food for both men and women, the origin of China’s cake culture, has been a thousand years of cultural heritage. Bake 100 cakes, designed to do green food. Strict selection of materials, the production process for each of the implementation of monitoring, transparent operation you also worried about food safety risks? Bake 100 cakes, give you the ultimate service to enjoy.

baked off 100 cake is the only one of Xiamen’s 24 hours on-site bakery, both bustling morning or lonely night, baking off on your side to accompany you. When you need, can taste the fresh baked bread, cake, coffee, tea, fried chicken, sweet tea can provide a comfortable, taste delicious places, the store also has a wireless for customers to use free of charge.

LIVE IS LIFE live production is the real life. Bake 100 cakes of bread baked in the air in the air is fresh bread with a new life. Bake bread, mixed with the tropical climate of enthusiasm, and constantly enrich and broaden the horizons of people’s lives in Xiamen.

The opening of

continuous guidance: 1, one to one marketing approach, VI design is comprehensive and professional; 2, continuous operating guidance, the weekly inspection supervision, the general manager of a monthly inspection; 3, new product support, continuous employment posts after training; 100 headquarters perfect cake sales management system 4, baked off.

baked off 100 cake after more than ten years of development, the establishment of a mature management system, training system and improve the successful mode of operation, a collection of various types of senior management and marketing personnel, national special technicians and professional chef team.

bake 100 cakes? With the characteristics of food, always very attractive to consumers. Business with a small capital entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the baking cake off 100 projects of their own to open a cake shop, the shop is made!

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