GreenTree nn to join the broad prospects for entrepreneurial investment choice – a of heart

As everyone knows

modern people’s economic level, compared to before has been greatly improved, people love to travel, entrepreneurs see opportunity to join the hotel, GreenTree Inn as consumers, also attracted attention to the business.

recently, coastal city of Taizhou city in Zhejiang province road passenger transport center GreenTree Inn Traders Hotel Lamei organization staff travel to Hengdian and dinner, to celebrate in the joint efforts of all staff, the hotel was awarded GreenTree Inn management group " 2015 annual outstanding partner " title.

The coastal city of Taizhou city of Zhejiang province

GreenTree Inn Traders Hotel is located in the coastal road passenger transportation center Lamei Gucheng District of wintersweet road 19, the transportation is convenient, walk 5 minutes to reach the bus station, 10 minutes drive to the Linhai Railway Station; location, East Lake Park, the primary school, the foreign language middle school, west of East Lake Park East Lake stadium, Pleasure Island amusement park, North Mitutoyo temple, Christ Church, South vision Jing Jiangshan Park, Dong temple, Longxing Temple; within one kilometer, rich supermarket, bank, catering and other life supporting resources.

hotel has a total of 80 rooms, including King room, standard room, suite and other types of rooms, the majority of room prices between $159 to $289.

hotel is committed to providing customers with the best service, has now achieved coverage of wireless WIFI, 24 hours hot water supply, free breakfast supply, as well as free parking and gym for guests to use.

said the secret operations of the hotel, is how to lead the hotel become a good hotel, the GreenTree Inn in Taizhou city in Zhejiang province city passenger transport center Traders Hotel partner Lamei President Yu Shengzhi has deep experience: " join Green is one of the most correct choice that I do. Because of Green, I have a successful operation of the hotel today. "

" I used to run a single hotel before joining Green. The operation of the hotel, small to the development of employee welfare let me exhausted, at a loss. After joining Green, the engineering department colleagues guide me choice of decoration materials for hotel, excellent quality, safety and environmental protection as well as the operation Department; colleagues taught me how to manage the hotel, and spare no effort to help me solve problems; marketing team to help us to do activities to increase membership, improve turnover…… Thank you very much for Green’s help and support. "

now GreenTree Inn is the choice of many consumers and franchisees, investment in GreenTree Inn, can lead the hotel to join the industry’s new business opportunities, open the new bright spot, entrepreneurs quickly move it!

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