Business opportunities are everywhere

do not think that business is the need to wait, as long as we can take the initiative, in fact, where there can be business opportunities, where can make money. In the highly competitive market economy, small shops can occupy a place in the market, mainly by two aspects, first, the quality of goods is good, marketable; the two is an endless stream of tourists.

many shops in the store has just opened, the source is mainly close relatives, friends and other people familiar with, in order to attract more customers, we must actively looking for customers, then the name card comes in handy.

this year, may day, my friend’s child to get married, the wedding with the election of cigarettes is my shop to buy a new cigarette, Taishan (Jin Xiu)". I was invited to the wedding. That day, I got to the hotel, take the initiative to help the waiter at each table set up first friend candy, peanuts, melon seeds, and specifically to the two box of Taishan (Jin Xiu) "a positive anti placed in the wine on the table.

wedding party up a lot of guests, I and a few strange middle-aged man sitting together. At dinner, everyone out of courtesy, first from the glass, mutual reported home, toast each other. It happened that I had a few business cards in my bag. When it was my turn to introduce myself, I took the opportunity to hand out my business cards.

saw the middle-aged man on the table packaging exquisite and beautiful "Taishan" cigarette is very interested, I was together with the products of suction and their side to explain to them, concise and to the point of this "Taishan (Jin Xiu)" features and its implication: the Taishan (Jin Xiu) followed the tradition in packaging design, the main the color is red, and red festive moment matching, but also innovation. The main pattern by symbol "Dragon Gate", represents the future, peace and happiness.

this "Dragon Gate" is very clear not said, the two packs of Taishan (Jin Xiu) is a back together as a complete and auspicious symbol, as the "Dragon Gate", very creative. The positive composition represents good luck, as the "dragon" and "phoenix" has become the core of the whole visual symbols, packaging design in the left, and the five hundred years of Lu brocade culture into them, let the whole package design, noble and peaceful festive flavor is very strong.

"Yuanyang smoke" (Taishan Jinxiu) ". The two packs of Taishan (Jin Xiu) is a back together, just like a happy couple of" mandarin". Two packs of cigarettes. "Dragon Gate", which symbolizes the eternal love between husband and wife happy couple. A middle-aged man on the table, the child in the home to marry, to the wedding with smoke very interested in the topic, they kept nodding and asking: "where the smoke to sell, buy?" I told them, "this is my cigarette."

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