The tank ten brands list – the whole

fish culture in the current social environment has become a hobby of many people, so that the big fish market has also been a huge development. The choice of fish tank is an important thing, in our lives, we have to ease the pressure of life by breeding fish, or a hobby to enjoy life. Let us look at the famous domestic aquarium brand, to find out the top ten aquarium list.

aquarium ten brand ranking NO1- black Sunsun

Sunsun group was founded in November 16, 1985, formerly known as the Dinghai Qin Feng Machinery Factory, in October 1994 changed its name to Zhoushan Sensen Pump Co., in April 2000 to become Zhejiang Sensen Industrial Co. Ltd., November 4, 2011 registered as now Sunsun group Limited by Share Ltd.

Sunsun group Limited by Share Ltd mergers and acquisitions including in 4 companies, Zhoushan headquarters: Zhejiang Sensen Industrial Co. Ltd. (mainly the production of medium pressure air pump, fishing machine equipment, environmental protection equipment, industrial pumps, pet supplies); Zhoushan City Silver Sen electromechanical Manufacturing Co Ltd (mainly seafood production display cabinets, heating temperature machine, bar); Zhoushan city Wilma Machinery Manufacturing Co Ltd (mainly the production of Roots blower, pump); Zhoushan porlid Pump Co. Ltd. (mainly the production of various types of pumps).

aquarium ten brands list NO2- Boyu BOYU

Guangdong Boyu Group Co. Ltd is a company committed to the development, production and sales of all kinds of aquarium equipment, ancillary equipment and garden landscaping pet products to the national high-tech enterprises, actively promotes and leads the international aquarium industry development. The brand "Boyu" to "A Well-Known Trademark in China", "Guangdong famous brand" and "brand-name products in Guangdong province".

aquarium ten brands list, NO3- Resun

Guangdong hailea group is China aquarium equipment industry leading enterprises, the group’s existing 5 modern factory, located in Chaozhou, Shenzhen and Guangzhou, a total area of over 160 thousand square meters, the leading variety in the country, and more than more than and 70 countries widely sales, has a high reputation.

, with air and water pumps, filters, chillers, heating rods, UV germicidal lamp, aquarium, pond and pet supplies and other advanced production line more than and 30, and the annual manufacturing capacity of 900 sets of the above mold mold center, and 90 sets of injection molding machine, strong technology and hardware equipment for the industry champion. Adhering to the management concept of human nature, with well-trained staff, resolutely implement ISO9001:2000 management system, most of the products through the UL, GS, CE, VDE, KEMA, PSE

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