Xining took the lead in more than and 60 kindergartens comprehensive tobacco control

May 1st is the day of the official implementation of the Xining tobacco control ordinance. In order to let the kindergarten environment no longer "", "let The atmosphere was foul. delicate flowers" people live in a civilized, clean and beautiful environment, in April 21st, Xining City Bureau of education departments jointly held the kindergarten management training courses, focusing on arrangements for the area more than and 60 kindergarten took the lead in the implementation of tobacco control, tobacco control.

It is reported that

, "in the provisions of the six specific outdoor smoking places Xining Smoking Control Ordinance", outdoor areas including pre-school education institutions, schools, juvenile training institutions to provide education, teaching and service activities for minors education or activities. Pre school children are in a critical period of growth and development, the ability to adapt to the environment and the lack of resistance to the disease, vulnerable to interference from various external diseases. The implementation of solid and effective measures to prevent disease is an important link to improve the health level of children, but also the focus of kindergarten. Training in conjunction with the implementation of the North District of the City Board of education in 2015 tobacco control program, in the area of more than and 60 kindergartens to carry out the work of tobacco control. Require staff to do not smoke at any place inside and outside the school, found that foreign personnel smoking in schools, to actively discourage stop, and report on the implementation of tobacco control law enforcement. The kindergarten to fulfill the duties of tobacco control into the teaching staff assessment and student evaluation system, and the establishment of tobacco inspection teams. Educational administrative departments should establish a mechanism for supervision, improve the system, the work of tobacco control measures are not effective, the implementation of the work is not in place to investigate and inform the kindergarten.


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