The National Day holiday, the public garden letaotao

People’s Park

the kingdom of "carefree beauty recreation experience"

"usually too busy no time to play with the kids, just take a vacation, you can have fun with your family." During the interview, many people said that the park is the best choice to play with children.


enter the gate, the first thing is the dozens of pots of lush chrysanthemum, many people rushed to a photo. "This is going to take the children to look at the animals, I did not expect so many beautiful chrysanthemums, is simply an unexpected surprise." Ms. Wang said with a smile.

turmeric yellow, octagonal plum, marigold, dahlia, more than 140 species, 200 thousand strains of colored chrysanthemum blossom in the wild zoo, tourists can enjoy the chrysanthemum, looking at the animal, do not have some fun.

in herbivorous animal rearing area, the reporter found that many tourists are for animal feed. Zhang Deliang, deputy director of animal management, said that in order to allow visitors to get close to animals, during the National Day holiday, they sent staff to prepare the animals to eat food;

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