Xining 26 bus station was seriously diverted traffic police department is being remediation

In December 31, 2015, the Xining Police Department news release, Xining city has 26 bus station occupied a prominent problem, for the remediation of the site of the bus is occupied, the traffic police detachment to carry out special operations from December 24, 2015 onwards, the bus investigation site is occupied, be synchronous rectification, and has completed part of the remediation work station.

occupied reason is what?

– part of the taxi, black car, ordinary vehicles as street showmanship or shuttle passengers, the bus drove into the harbour or temporary parking in the harbor, causing the bus into the site, interference.

– an important transit hub facilities (such as train stations, long-distance passenger station) around the bus station by taxi, car, car and other vehicle parking showmanship behavior influence, not smooth entry site occupied directly.

– the downtown business district, shopping malls, restaurants, hospitals and other surrounding sites, because of social vehicle interference, or because of the vehicles queuing to enter the surrounding parking lot and bus station, block.

– part of the site for the setting position of distance intersection is too close to the traffic jam, passing vehicles by site, harbor road.

– individual new residential owners in the bus station long time parking.

– according to the regulation of the situation, the bus station occupied behavior generally occurred in 19 after.What is

– east area: bus station, Hualian Garden Street Train station.

– City area: Wangfujing station, Kunlun Bridge station, South Station, provincial hospital of South Gate Street Xikou station, South Street Primary School North Station, eleven South Street, North Street on the north side of the station in primary school station, East Street Street, West Street Station Shipo mutual Lane station.

– West Area: Xing Hai Lu primary school in front of the station, Xing Hai Lu IRS in front of the station, West 54 street and sunning Road crossroads farmers market door station, 54 West Normal University Station, opposite the West Main Street and sunning Road crossroads, Xiguan Street Nankou station and Tongren Road Cross transmission;

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