Wang Liming checks during the implementation of the implementation of the enterprise safety measures

2016 December 30th, vice governor Wang Liming of Xining Special Steel Co, Western Mining Group, Qinghai province salt industry Limited by Share Ltd, check during the festival of enterprise production safety measures, and condolences to enterprise retirees, the old party members and workers, cadres and workers to send new year wishes.

Wang Liming pointed out, we should earnestly study and implement the spirit of the thirteen plenary session of the twelve session of the provincial Party committee, with the "four change" concept to promote the "four major requirements, and a" air plant. We should attach great importance to production safety work, focusing on key areas and weak links, the investigation of various types of hidden dangers, blocking security vulnerabilities, to prevent all kinds of accidents, to ensure a safe and stable production situation during the holiday season.

in Xigang group, Wang Liming to the old staff, the presence of the old party members and workers conveyed the provincial Party committee, the provincial government’s concern and condolences and hosted a forum to listen to your suggestions for the development of enterprises, and seek common development strategy. He said that over the past year in full support of everyone’s help, the West Steel Group to overcome the difficulties, to take effective measures to maintain a good mental outlook. The new year, I hope you will continue to carry forward the fine tradition of the enterprise, the enterprise as their own entrepreneurial stage, firmly grasp the adapt to the new normal economic development, optimize the supply side structural reforms, deepen enterprise innovation driven enterprise development, make up the short board, to ensure the completion of the task, the Xigang make greater contribution in the development of Qinghai in the metallurgical industry and economic development.


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