Afforestation of Xining Public Security Bureau and construction of public security forest

Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau in 2009 afforestation and public security forest construction start ceremony this morning (April 2nd) held in Beishan geopark.

municipal Party committee decided to start this year, the official start of the construction of public security forest in Xining, and through afforestation to create a beautiful and pleasant environment in Xining……

Xining Municipal Committee, Secretary of politics and Law Committee, Public Security Bureau Lv Benqian at the launching ceremony for the public security organs at all levels should take the construction of public security activities as an opportunity to take the initiative of forest, and every police’s enthusiasm, vigorously create a harmonious development of man and nature, green homes, and strive to Xining public security forest construction a project highlights mountain geological park greening, a display of Xining police spirit characteristic project, become the effective carrier to build a harmonious relationship between the police and the people.

Xining "public security forest" covers an area of 230 acres, is part of the construction of Beishan Mountain Geopark in Xining.

Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau deputy director Gao Keyu: our public security organs and the masses to build our homes.

Li Shengxiang, deputy chief of staff of the armed police detachment in Xining,

: dedicated, we do our best to plant trees, to beautify our contribution to Xining.

in the morning, Xining City, there are more than and 500 police officers and armed police officers participated in the launching ceremony and planting activities, a total of planting trees more than 2 thousand.


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