Category: scqgwrho to reveal 100 industry ‘Game Changers’ next week to reveal 100 industry ‘Game Changers’ next weekThe GI 100 returns sponsored by Epic GamesGamesIndustry StaffThursday 3rd December 2020Share this article Recommend Tweet ShareThe 100 will return on Monday, December 7th to reveal 100 games industry professionals who are changing the global business for the better — in areas like diversity, inclusion, accessibility, charity, progressive politics, supporting marginalised people, and more.The worldwide project follows similar lists in 2019, 2018 and 2017 dedicated to the UK games industry.The GI 100: Game Changers will reveal 10 winners every single day until Friday, December 18th. The 100 named winners come from extensive research conducted by the team in collaboration with organisations around the world.The list isn’t exhaustive, there will be deserving individuals who didn’t make the 100 and regions that we were unable to cover as much as we had hoped. Contact us at [email protected] to help us with future GI 100 lists.Related JobsLead Game Programmer – Quebec Province Quebec Big PlanetSenior Build Engineer – AAA Studio – Yorkshire UK & Europe Big Planet3D Artist – Mobile Studio – Midlands UK & Europe Big PlanetDiscover more jobs in games All 100 winners will also receive a ticket to ‘The Games Industry Ultimate Holiday Party Palooza (Season Finale Edition)’ that takes place on Friday, December 18th. The party is a charity event that is open to all, and you can book tickets here.The GI 100: Game Changers is sponsored by Epic Games.”We’re delighted to help recognize people who make the industry a better, fairer, and more inclusive place,” said Rocco Scandizzo, Director, Games Business Development, EMEA at Epic Games. “To everyone who’s a part of the inaugural GamesIndustry 100 Game Changers, we’d like to simply say: thank you.” Celebrating employer excellence in the video games industry8th July 2021Submit your company Sign up for The Publishing & Retail newsletter and get the best of in your inbox. Enter your email addressMore storiesResident Evil: Village is the third biggest PS5 launch so far | UK Boxed ChartsBut physical sales down over previous Resident Evil gamesBy Christopher Dring 23 hours agoEpic reportedly offered $200m to Sony for PlayStation exclusivesThe firm also reportedly started discussions with Microsoft and noted that securing first-party Nintendo games would be a “moonshot”By Marie Dealessandri YesterdayLatest comments Sign in to contributeEmail addressPasswordSign in Need an account? Register now.last_img read more

Is AI necessary for society especially during the Corona Horror Story!

first_imgArtificial Intelligence or commonly known as AI helps many industries from providing technological solutions to major tech companies like Amazon, Apple, Baidu, IBM,etc to automating the production of items in labor intensive industries. But apart from these big companies which use AI to soothe their life, many wonder the question as “Is AI really required or necessary for society or humanity or is it just useful for the big companies to make huge profits for themselves”.To answer this question, we may look at the current scenario i.e., the COVID19 pandemic (also commonly known as the Corona virus) which has not only affected a lot of nations but also has left the whole world in a daze. People all over the world are panicking as medical solutions i.e., medicines for curing this pandemic disease are still far at bay and doctors and researchers could not possibly find a solution that quickly. So you might think that “Then should we let the whole world die before even a proper cure gets generated ?”, the answer to that question is obviously No! We can’t just sit and watch while our whole world gets obliterated not so slowly.Firstly we need to understand that AI (Artificial Intelligence) is just a tool that can be used by anyone for any purpose, it is not just limited for companies to make profits which is a common misconception nowadays. So you might ask “What does AI can even do in this state of global crisis which requires medical solutions and not technological ones?”, well you are partly right, but we need to understand that AI can provide medical solutions too, not for developing medicines per se, that is still a medical professional’s job, but for providing solutions as in which medical compounds should be used to prepare medicines that will help cure the disease. I know this sounds confusing so lets break it down, AI developers or engineers use various factors to determine which medical compounds can help eradicate this virus, then they run certain virtual simulations which helps them to determine that whether the medical compounds detected from the previous test can actually help to cure the virus,note that these medical compounds or medicines can be pre-existing or completely novel. This whole process happened in a computer, now we need to develop the medicines in real life and this is where the medical practitioners/professionals come in. They help to create the above said solution or cure for the disease which was generated by AI engineers and they actually develop the medicine and check if the medicine works practically and if all is well and good, they pass this medicine as the cure for the COVID19 pandemic.As seen in the above scenario many medicine developing companies as well as AI developers and professionals have already started finding the cure for the Corona pandemic by using Artificial Intelligence. For example, one group of scientists from the countries of South Korea and the United States are using deep learning to investigate the potential for commercially available antiviral drugs to be used to treat COVID-19. The scientists developed a system called Molecule Transformer-Drug Target Interaction (MT-DTI) that is designed to comb through the available literature to predict drug-target. AI can also be used to detect if a person has the virus (COVID19).A group of Chinese based researchers from Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology is using a deep learning-based approach to develop a greater understanding of how the novel Corona virus interacts with human cells. According to an abstract posted online, the researching scientists developed a deep fully Convolutional Neural Network to identify and rank the protein-ligand interactions with a high degree of the accuracy. This approach enabled the scientists to screen tens of thousands of drugs listed in all of the four drug databases in much less time than it would traditionally take using manual interactions. “We believe that the deep learning based drug screening technique can play an important role in designing drugs for combating such coronaviruses,” the researchers conclude.Thus we can definitely believe that Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help us during this world devastating pandemic by helping us develop a cure for this disease as fast as possible, and the more sooner the cure gets generated the more sooner we will finally wake up from this horrendous nightmare.last_img read more

EHF decision: No “Wild Card”, Metalurg VS Szeged, Montpellier VS Wisla for EHF CL!

first_imgRecommended for you Click to comment Leave a Reply Cancel replyYour email address will not be published.Comment Name Email Website Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. THE FIRST BIG SCALP OF THE SEASON: Pick Szeged beat Barca Lassa! Matej Gaber to stay at MOL Pick Szeged until 2024 Barca put Pick Szeged on RK Vardar in TOP 16 ShareTweetShareShareEmailCommentsThe EHF has received official confirmation from Atletico Madrid (ESP) that the club will not compete in the VELUX EHF Champions League in the 2013/14 season because of the handball section’s financial difficulties.Following an evaluation of the situation, and the availabilty of Atletico Madrid’s place in Group B of the competition, the EHF has announced that the wild card tournament previously scheduled to take place 30/31 August will not be played. Instead wild card qualification between the teams of HC Metalurg (MKD), Pick Szeged (HUN), Montpellier HB (FRA) and Wisla Plock (POL) will be played in home and away matches in the semi-final pairings previously announced and according to the competition’s seedings.Match scheduleThe matches will be played from Wednesday, 28 August 2013 to Sunday, 1 September 2013 as follows:HC Metalurg (MKD) versus Pick Szeged (HUN) – first leg in Skopje and second leg in SzegedMontpellier HB (FRA) versus Wisla Plock (POL) – first leg in Montpellier and second leg in PlockThe winner of the match Metalurg HC (MKD) versus Pick Szeged (HUN) will advance to Group C and the winner of the match Montpellier HB versus Wisla Plock to Group B.The loser of each match will continue in the Men’s EHF Cup, advancing directly to round 3.Berlin and Hamburg compete for third wild card spotThe additional wild card play-off match between Germany’s Füchse Berlin and HSV Hamburg remains unaffected by the change. The two teams will play home and away on 21 August in Berlin and 23 August in Hamburg for one place in Group D. TEXT: EHF / jjr ShareTweetShareShareEmail Related Items:HC Metlaurg, Montpellier, Pick Szeged, Wisla Plocklast_img read more

Up to 33 redundancies at Reading Buses as part of survival plan

first_imgUp to 33 redundancies are to be made by Reading Buses as part of a wider cost-saving exercise brought on by continuing uncertainty in the bus industry.The operator says that a slow recovery of passenger numbers, combined with an end to the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme later this year and no guarantee that customer habits will return to normal in the long term, mean that the company must make changes if it is to survive. It does not rule out taking further steps to reduce costs later.No redundancies among Reading Buses driving staff are expected. However, as part of its plan to ensure a sustainable future, the operator will also introduce a freeze on recruitment, including apprenticeships; a freeze on investment in new vehicles; and “new ways of working for existing staff.”Says Chief Executive Officer Robert Williams: “It is probable that these will not be the only changes needed as we begin to look forward into the ‘new normal’ future. We do not take any of these decisions lightly and we have tried to avoid redundancies for as long as possible.“If we continue to operate with the same costs while waiting for customers to return, it will result in the company no longer being able to survive.”Mr Williams adds that at the worst point of the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, the operator’s passenger numbers dropped to below 10% of normal.  The most recent data from the Department for Transport shows that across the UK, weekday patronage had recovered to no more than 33% of its pre-pandemic equivalent as of Monday 20 July.“The industry as a whole is suffering,” continues Mr Williams. “Once the pandemic is over and things return to ‘normal’, we expect that some people will continue their current pattern of using other modes of transport, working from home and internet shopping – all of which will see an ongoing reduction in both customer numbers and revenue.”last_img read more

French flag set to go on flying over top job

first_imgThe incumbent is in the pivotal position of preparing the Commission’s agenda and writing up minutes of meetings. With the departure of Frenchman Claude Landes, the post has now been advertised internally, but there are strong rumours that another high-flying French official has already been earmarked for the post.Meanwhile, the job has been filled temporarily by Patricia Bugnot, a senior French official and former deputy chef de cabinet to Finnish Commissioner Erkki Liikanen.France’s insistance on keeping the greffe post, while agreeing to have its hands prised off the agriculture director-generalship, says a great deal about the importance it attaches to the job. The move comes, ironically, at a time when the most-used language at Commission meetings is fast becoming English.last_img read more

A fuzzy ‘Yes’ better than a fatal ‘No’ for Czechs

first_imgHappy are the countries, led by Lithuania and Hungary, able to ratify the constitution quickly and quietly by means of a parliamentary vote. At the unhappy end of the scale are Poland and the Czech Republic, where referenda seem inescapable and there is strong opposition to the constitution, though more among politicians than the public.Poland is the lesser worry. The farmers are happy. A referendum should produce a ‘Yes’. If the turn-out is less than half, making the referendum invalid, the decision reverts to a more hostile parliament. But even there, a majority can be found.The most effective Polish critic of the constitution has been Jan Rokita, parliamentary leader of Civic Platform, the right-wing party set to lead the next Polish government. He coined the phrase “Nice or death”, when championing the voting rules fixed in the Nice Treaty and refusing those of the draft constitution. But a third way will be found if Poland’s membership depends on it, and watch your shoes. “We will throw up, and we will vote ‘Yes’,” explains a friend of mine in Civic Platform. Robert Cottrell is central Europe correspondent for The Economist. The Czech Republic is the bigger worry. Its government has collapsed and the constitution makes early elections very difficult. So for the next 15 months the country will be run, if you can call it that, either by a discredited socialist government relying on communist support, or by an apolitical caretaker government behoven to President Vaclav Klaus.Either outcome will leave Klaus as the real boss, and he may well be the most Eurosceptic leader in the whole EU – the only one to seriously consider that his country would be better off outside the Union than in it.Luckily for those who want the Czechs to stay inside the Union, Klaus’s Euroscepticism is not shared to the same extent by the rest of his party, the Civic Democrats. The Civic Democrats call for what they call a “soft No” to the constitution, meaning a ‘No’ vote which does not ruin their country’s position within the EU. They seem to think they can block the constitution and still stay members.In principle, I think somebody should put them straight about this. If the Czech Republic alone rejects the constitution, then the result is highly unlikely to be a continuation of the EU in its present form with the Czech Republic as a full member.It is less clear how to get this message across helpfully. If Jacques Chirac wins the French referendum next month, for example, then he will be tempted to crow that any country which rejects the constitution must leave the EU. But the Czechs will take that as a provocation to vote ‘No’. So will the British, though they need no provoking.One option might be for the Czechs, and, indeed, anyone else, to ratify the constitution conditionally, as the US sometimes does with treaties. They could say that ratification would take effect only when every other EU country had ratified too. That would give the Czechs a chance to think again if, for example, Britain said ‘No’ and was booted out, leaving the EU in a Franco-German chokehold. In any event, it would buy them time, which is always useful. Better a fuzzy ‘Yes’ than a fatal ‘No’.last_img read more

Denmark’s justice minister quits over snooping row

first_imgMorten Bødskov, a member of Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt’s Social Democrats, was forced to step down on Tuesday (10 December) after losing the support of one of the Social Democrats’ coalition partners, the leftist Red-Green Alliance (Enhedslisten).Bødskov admitted lying to parliament about his involvement in the cancellation of a trip by the parliament’s legal committee to Christiania, a self-proclaimed autonomous neighbourhood of Copenhagen, in February. The head of the Danish domestic intelligence service, Jakob Scharf, has admitted asking his officers illegally to check the calendar of Pia Kjærsgaard, a founder of the far-right Danish People’s Party, in order to schedule the visit for a date when she would be unable to attend. Kjærsgaard was keen to take part in the visit, but Scharf was concerned about such a controversial politician, who has special police protection, travelling to a symbol of the counter-culture in Denmark (trade in cannabis was tolerated there by the authorities until 2004). Scharf has since resigned.Bødskov and Scharf explained that intelligence sources had warned them of the security risk involved in Kjærsgaard travelling to Christiania, but said that the intelligence was so sensitive that it could not be shared with the legal committee or Kjærsgaard. Bødskov had been justice minister since 2011.last_img read more

Avicii Pop-Up Hotel Opens Its Doors For Ultra Music Festival 2013

first_imgTim Bergling (aka Avicii) is taking his talents to South Beach. For ten days, Avicii is giving fans the key to his pop-hotel where they can set up shop during the madness that is Ultra Music Festival. From March 15th through the 25th, The Marlin Hotel will be dubbed (drumroll) The Avicii Hotel.Located on 12th and Collins, this EDM inn is promised to give its temporary residents a “24/7 Avicii experience,” according to Avicii’s manager, Ash Pournouri.Information and rates on room packages are set to be released soon, but pre-registration is available for those who want first dibs on a room.If you were in Miami last year for Ultra, you might remember the Avicii ice cream truck parked outside the Clevelander passing out free cones, buttons and of course, “good feelings.” Looks like Bergling is seeking to make his mark during Miami Music Week. And we have to agree, a hotel is a major upgrade from an ice cream truck.The young Swede hit 3 million fans today on Facebook so it would be a pretty good guess that this place will be swarmed with Avicii lovers from around the world. We’re just wondering how many “Levels” the hotel will have. Sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves. read more

Getting Saucy With G. Love & Special Sauce In Northern California

first_imgG. Love & Special Sauce, accompanied by half empty bottles of the actual self-branded hot sauce, brought their signature trashcan blues to Northern California on Friday, February 5th.Coming out of the San Francisco Bay Area unscathed just before Super Bowl 50, The Mystic Theatre of Petaluma, CA was packed for the eighth stop of the 22 date tour leg. Along for the first leg as the opening act Boston based funk outfit Ripe.Touring with the original Special Sauce line up of bassist James “Jimi Jazz” Prescott and Jeffrey “Houseman” Clemens, guitarist/harp player Garrett “G. Love” Dutton couldn’t be happier – Jimi Jazz took a five year solo act hiatus before reconnecting with Special Sauce in 2014.The rekindled chemistry has been so on-point lately that, when they saw an opportunity to record G. Love & Special Sauce’s 10th studio album, Love Saves The Day, less than a year after the success of 2014’s Sugar, they jumped at it.G. Love Is Here To Save The Day On New Guest-Laden Album“It’s one of those things, you can’t really tell how much you put on that band chemistry,” explained G. Love. “When [Jimi] was gone we missed him more than we thought we would.”“We had a great unit with Timo Shanko, who’s just an amazingly gifted musician – upright and electric bass player and a saxophonist from Boston and Mark [Boyce] on keys – but there’s just something special about the original trio,” he continued. “[Jimi] wrote almost all of these bass lines. When you’re tied to something that’s yours it’s different from covering someone else. Even if you cover it great, it’s still someone else’s part.”Featuring a slew of guest musicians on the record, the band intentionally operates as a trio for a stylistic reason.“The greatest thing about doing what we do is all the people we get to share the stage and studio with,” he said. “From De La Soul and A Tribe Called Quest to Bonnie Raitt, John Hammond or even Jim Dickinson, father of North Mississippi All-Stars guitarist Luther Dickinson.”“But here’s the thing,” he continued, “the original concept of a trio is that everyone has to have and bring a certain thing to the table. Our style is really loose, but we three bring it. When you add other players, it really fills the sound out even more”One thing that G. Love & Special Sauce are doing to make this tour memorable for each stop has been embracing an intimate connection with die hard fans who want to be involved with a pre show sound check, complete with meet and greet and Q+A with G. Love.During the sound check the band works through a few songs on the list for the second set, practicing arrangements in different keys and running through them a few times with deliberate focus. It was immediately obvious that G. Love cares about the people that his music has touched. As Jimi Jazz and Houseman retreated to the bus, G. Love stayed seated on the stage making small talk about the local surf at Mavericks as the VIP patrons rolled into the sound check.Running through some requests, G. Love saved a few of them for the show but obliged others on the spot with solo acoustic renditions of “Fat One”, “Fixin’ To Die” and “Girl At The Laundromat.” When asked what this girl looked like, G. Love laughed and confessed, “I don’t know man, I made her up.”Following the event, G. Love heads backstage for publicity shots and media connections to elaborate on questions about some of his favorite artists, the best shows he saw in 2015 and why the “slop” blues label isn’t such a bad thing.“One thing we don’t like is blues that’s too clean, too nice, like soft rock type smooth shit,” he said. “We like to keep our sound rugged and raw and we record like that. Just having a trio sounds like that on stage. A lot of time I go and see bands on stage and the only thing they’re missing is me just puttin’ some dirt on it,” he laughs. “Like they’re afraid to make a mistake or let it hang out. I mean we try our hardest to play the shit right but you know we still like to keep it raw.”“Slightly Stoopid have really become such a great band over the years, with the addition of Karl Denson and the horn section, you know, the musicianship of everyone in that band is really top notch, they continually impress me with their live show. Dead & Co with John Mayer, that was really great,” he added.“John Mayer is one of those guys who just kinda plays a soft rock, light on his records you know, but on stage his guitar playing was just unbelievable. I was really proud of him. I saw them in Boston so I’m sure it just kept getting better too.”Back inside The Mystic, the doors have opened and Ripe prepares to take the stage. Even though this is Ripe’s first tour out West, and for several of the seven members of the band it’s their first time on the left coast in general, the crowd still showed up for the opener.Ripe wasted no time getting down and dirty. In the first song, “Brother Sky” the lyrics open: “It hits you like a brick” and that is exactly what happened. The crowd was visibly shocked, and then quickly stepped in closer to the stage. Ripe brings an insanely refreshing, soulful take on the ever-evolving East Coast funk scene.Hitting Petaluma hard and fast they moved straight into the “Talk To The Moon > Lola > Stanky J’s” section, proving that they have the chops to be noticed.The dual horn and dual guitar approach of Josh Shpak on Trumpet/EWI, Calvin Barthel on Trombone and Tory Geismar and Jon Becker switching leads, respectively, works incredibly well as they elevate each other and take turns running through impressive scale work.Part of Ripe’s immediate draw is lead vocalist Robbie Wulfsohn’s non-stop action. He encourages the crowd to dance not just verbally, but with his own dance moves. When his vibrant, soulful voice a la Alabama Shakes’ Brittany Howard isn’t restricted to the microphone, he is bouncing around the stage and getting involved with every member of the band and the audience, even teaching them specific dance moves to songs.Although every member of the band brings their own specific eccentricities to the table, the vibrant, high-energy element Wulfsohn is unmatched except perhaps by trade in the wildly tight efforts of drummer Sampson Hellerman or the funky foundation set by Nadav Shapira on bass guitar.Standout tracks included a cover of The Kinks’ “Lola” sandwiched early in the set as well as a 10 minute dance party tribute to funk legends both past and present via mash up of Stevie Wonder’s 1973 hit “Living For The City” and Lettuce’s 2008 track “Sam Huff’s Flying Raging Machine” dubbed “Sam Huff’s For The City.”Meanwhile, less than an hour before they hit the stage, G. Love is writing the set list for tonight’s show. “The first set is the new record, all those songs,” he explains, adding that horn section of Ripe, Shpak and Barthel, will be sitting in on the appropriate songs from the late 2015 release, Love Saves The Day.G. Love takes his time doodling on an already painted up piece of paper dedicated with Petaluma, The Mystic and the date, a unique page per show, which he explains is photocopied for the stage.“The original is framed and sold at the merch booth. It’s a good pre show relaxation tool for me to personalize it like this and for me to connect one on one with fans in each city,” he said.The songs get rearranged and played out of order of the album to keep things unpredictable on stage, but as if that weren’t enough, G. Love takes his fan connection a step further in the second set.Throughout the day and up until 30 minutes before show time, G. Love can be found checking his personal Instagram, @phillyglove, Twitter, @glove and Facebook accounts to personalize the set by fulfilling requests for fans in attendance via social media or the VIP meet and greet before each show.G. Love & Special Sauce took the stage at 10:30 PM and kicked the evening off with a blistering “Shotgun Tongue.” Houseman on the drums keeps his beats wide yet perfectly in time like a human metronome, the pot to G. Love’s sloppy stew.Jumping all around the album and across a large line up of guitars and harmonica keys, it was the middle of the set where the Ripe Horns added their flair to the appropriate tracks. “Muse” featured a standard blues run through and had the crowd hanging on every note, including a solid Jimi Jazz bass solo segue into “Baby Why You Do Me Like That?”.Featuring DJ Logic on the album, having live horns interpret the energy of the room and the song in real time turned out to be irreplaceable and the vibe inside The Mystic led into an epic drum solo segue into the third and final horn track, “Let’s Have a Good Time” featuring Ozomatli. The two bands meshed in an extended jam that resulted in G. Love egging on Shpak in what became a wild trumpet solo.The first set continued bouncing around, including G. Love who displayed his inner rhythm a la stylized Elvis leg shaking on “Pick Up The Phone” leaving “R U Kidding Me” and the titular track “Love Saves The Day” before ending the set at 11:15.In what was less than a five-minute break, G. Love returned for two songs solo with an acoustic guitar. Beginning with some VIP and social media fan requests, “Sunshine” and “Love” off 2004’s The Hustle and 1999’s Philadelphonic, respectively.“Rodeo Clowns” the song written and popularized by Jack Johnson, was performed on G. Love’s 1999 album Philadelphonic, and even featured Johnson.“Cold Beverage” appropriately followed a red hot blues clinic on the harp heavy track “Still Hanging Around” off of G. Love’s 2006 solo release Lemonade and led into one of the highlights of the set: the bust out of the rarely played track “Fresh Lila,” a tribute to a 1967 Buick once owned by G. Love. That song segued into “Come Up Man.”“This Ain’t Living” from the group’s self-titled debut album in 1994 led into a rowdy “Obama Smokes Weed > Who’s Got The Weed,” a request made during the sound check, and possibly in upcoming celebration roots reggae legend Bob Marley’s birthday that saw many billows of smoke rising from the crowd.G. Love abandoned his guitar momentarily for some heavy vox duties on “Friday Night” and “Baby’s Got Sauce”, each featuring plenty of on the spot ad-libs in the lyrics to really kick the end of the show into next gear.After the on stage party reached a break, G. Love reintroduced the band, said thank you, and went straight into David Bowie’s “Suffragette City” for the encore, ending the show around 1:15 AM.After more than 20 years and 10 studio albums, G. Love & Special Sauce have continually put forth consistent effort after consistent effort and continue to demonstrate themselves on the upswing.If you plan on catching an upcoming show, do yourself a huge favor and do not miss opening act Ripe. They have 12 more shows before jumping off the tour at the end of February.Setlist: Ripe at The Mystic Theater, Petaluma, CA – 2/5/16One Set: Brother Sky, Talk To The Moon > Lola* > Stanky J’s, Ex – Life, Downward, Goon Squad, Sam Huffs City& > Caralee* cover, The Kinks& tribute, Stevie Wonder/LettuceSetlist: G. Love & Special Sauce at The Mystic Theater, Petaluma, CA – 2/5/16Set 1: Shotgun Tongue, Dis Song, Lil’ Runaround, Back To Boston, NYC, Muse#, Baby Why You Do Me Like That?#, Let’s Have A Good Time#, Pick Up The Phone, Peanut Butter Lips, R U Kidding Me, Love Saves The DaySet 2: Sunshine, Love, Rodeo Clowns, Still Hanging Around, Cold Beverage, Fresh Lila > Come Up Man, This Ain’t Living, Obama Smoke Weed > Who’s Got The Weed, Friday Night, Baby’s Got SauceEncore: Suffragette City^# feat. Ripe Horns* cover, Jack Johnson& cover, Slightly Stoopid ft. G love^ cover, David BowieA full gallery of Joshua Huver’s photos can be seen below: Load remaining imageslast_img read more

Teen Creates App to Organize All The Family’s Caregivers After Grandmother Gets Alzheimers

first_imgAddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to FacebookFacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterTwitterShare to EmailEmailEmailShare to RedditRedditRedditShare to MoreAddThisMoreThere seems to be an app for just about anything these days, but for a hands-on, ‘round-the-clock task like dementia care, is there really “an app for that”?When Logan Wells’s grandmother was first diagnosed with dementia, her family chose to care for her at home so she could enjoy her three-mile daily walks and a social life with friends. Logan’s parents, Hallie and Eric, and his aunt Lisa set out to organize a schedule for Nannie and all her companions.Hallie told Colonial Times Magazine, “When we first started, there were pieces of paper all over Nannie’s house: the chore chart on the fridge, the calendar on the kitchen counter, the medication check-off.” But, as Nannie’s condition declined and more specialized care was required, the family in Lexington, Massachusetts, began introducing professional caregivers into the mix. With six family members and three professional staff, the teenager witnessed the overwhelming number of tasks created by constantly having to update the team through texts, emails, and calling multiple numbers—and he wondered if there was a better way.50 million people worldwide have been diagnosed with dementia, but despite the large adult population going through similar circumstances, it’s common for families to feel isolated and overwhelmed.Seeing the stress it was putting on his mom to coordinate all medical appointments, medications, and be the main point of contact for all the helpers, Logan did what he could to help. He also began learning programming from online tutorials with the plan to develop an app that would coordinate all the data and calendar information.RELATED: Thanks to Student’s Hunch, Seniors With Dementia Are ‘Coming Alive’ Again With the ‘Magic’ of Virtual RealityDevelopment of the app quickly became a family project. Logan’s dad, Eric, helped with his background in technology and programming; his twin brother Devin and sister Delaney provided input for the prototype; and Logan’s mom and aunt tested the initial version and provided crucial feedback.Later in the development process, they brought in software consultants to provide security features, and help to scale up the app so it could be offered to families everywhere. The result is CareZare.Logan and his father then took it to a local senior care facility and collected feedback from test groups of care professionals who knew how massive amounts of health and behavioral data could be streamlined and improved.The pair also met with families facing different types of care challenges, such as adult family members with developmental disabilities. “We started to think – we can build this so it’s useful to other people,” Eric said. The suggestions they received were integrated into the app.POPULAR: New Research Links Five Simple Lifestyle Choices to a 60% Reduced Risk of Developing Alzheimer’sWith the free app, users can log activities, track tasks (such as, if patient took their meds), keep an up-to-date calendar and have all of your contacts in one place. The app inventors say that future enhancements include integration with Google and Apple calendars, weather updates that could help care team members plan ahead, and even streaming video feed from home security cameras.When asked about log-in problems experienced by a few users who then left poor reviews, Logan Wells told GNN, “We had a steep rise in users in a short amount of time which caused some issues, but those are now resolved.”Currently, CareZare is offered for both Android and iPhone devices.So, yes, even for the myriad challenges that families face in helping care for one of their own, there really is an app for that. CareZare launched in November of 2017.“It has been a godsend, honestly, from the communication point of view,” Logan’s aunt Lisa said. “Before, you could spend half your day just calling people and trying to figure things out.”MORE: After Breakthrough Trials, Alzheimer’s Vaccine That Uses the Body’s Immune System May Soon Be Tested on HumansNannie can be very proud of her grandson, who spent so many of his teen years working to improve the lives of his family members, and so many others.MULTIPLY the Good by Sharing the News on Social Media…AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to FacebookFacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterTwitterShare to EmailEmailEmailShare to RedditRedditRedditShare to MoreAddThisMorelast_img read more